Romance with Life

Life is hard but not without happiness. Me, I find simple joys in life from my family to what I eat or just simply breathing fresh air.

Over a year of becoming a mother, my life changed completely. There are polar opposites of emotions. I find contentment and solace when I see my daughter’s smile. She is priceless, motherhood is priceless. It is forever in a lifetime and beyond but there will never always be enough time, enough tears or enough love.

I always cherish these moments. She is growing up so fast but if I can, I would like to extend these moment because she needs me and she will cry for me a lot. A thing that won’t last for long because everyone will eventually grow up.  One of my purpose in life is being needed by her. And it makes me feel accomplished as a mother.


I also enjoy the fact that I have a little human to go on dates with. It is so funny how she reacts when I give her a seat and let her pick her food. I plan to do these more often because I want her to live by the thought that she is important. I am toiling for her future but money will never equal the time that you spend with your family. It will never turn back time nor will it replace the feeling of hurt or neglect or worse the feeling of being unloved.


A little sweet and cheeky moments with my husband without my daughter is a relief. Having our daughter around is lovely but we do need our time together to reconnect. He is as important as my daughter and he must know that. I am a wife and as much as I want to drown in other priorities, my husband will always come on top. A good wife must take good care of her husband. It is has been known.

Today many couples separate because compromise and sacrifice is slowly growing extinct. Many are susceptible to that because life is becoming fast-paced, commercialized and monopolized by truth benders. Us, we are praying hard and working hard on our marriage.

What I missed is some me time and I cherish every moment of it. I used to “date” myself a lot and eat alone. I truly enjoy having to think and eat and read alone. And I especially enjoy now that Iligan has highly improved gastronomic feats.

Enjoying yourself is a key to self-preservation. Your life maybe tied to so many things including your family but it does not need to be dependent of those. Your outlook will change once you adjust to prioritizing yourself (not in a selfish way). Living life means you have to live yours where you potential is fulfilled and you are fulfilled yourself.

Rediscovering my love for reading novels has been a breath of fresh. I am once again transported to other realms. Happiness in the pages of a book is always a classic for me. These intricate words inscribed your heart forever, fueling your imagination and working your brain out just to live in that pages that will forever haunt you. You know your heart is set when the pages are calling you. Read. It makes so much difference.


I have rediscovered so many things that I love before. Pampering myself with yoga or rediscovering my love for make-up or being overjoyed with little accomplishment in writing journals makes me a little overwhelmed with happiness. So much has changed in my life but I discover that some of the simplest things that makes me happy before still makes me happy now. And I am so blessed because apart from the old ones new sources of happiness has also come.

Knowing this gets me going and makes me feel contented. Extravagance will give temporary satisfaction but the root that keeps you grounded, sane and full is the one that will give the romance of living.


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