Dressing Up My Doll

I can’t get over the fact that my baby is becoming a toddler. Although I still get to choose her clothes but she is starting to act on her own and chooses things here and there. I was so amazed when two days ago, we went to buy her a pair of sandals. She went to have her own way and bought something I don’t dare choose for her. I was about to return the sandals but she had her tantrums. Oh my goodness, she wanted to roll over the floor and calmed down when I let her hold the sandals. So when we went to the next floor to buy her a little bag, I let her chose between the bags she liked. I hope she doesn’t outgrow the sandals fast.

Since she is growing fast, she has outgrown most of her clothes and shoes. So I made a haul for my little girl and some were given by her aunts. She has worn them already and can’t help but adore her cuteness, maybe I am bias, but she is so cute.

Over the weekend, we went to her grandma’s house and since it is quite hot, I made her wear a cotton rompers with some Finding Dory slippers. The materials are light, airy and I like that it has buttons on the crotch area for easy diaper change. She had another rompers and I have to take it all off to change her diaper.

Gingersnaps Romper and Disney Slipper from Payless

She had the cutest moment with her dad. They look really alike. I really like to take pictures of them both. They are the cutest pair especially when they have their petty arguments. I guess daughters will always have specials with their dads.

Buru-un, Iligan City while watching a basketball game

As much as possible we go to church as a family. We want to cultivate spirituality with our daughter. We are not at all very pious but we have a relationship with God. I love to dress her up fancy when we go to church but this time I made wear leggings and a stylized tank given by my sisters. I bought her a new pair of shoes because she will be a flower girl at her godmother’s wedding.

Unknown Tank Top, Mothercare Leggings and Smartfit shoes by Payless

Seeing her in this outfit makes me realize that she is growing fast which makes me a little sad. My goodness I can’t even imagine her being a preteen or worst being a teen. I am very hopeful though. I will always pray for my daughter that she will lead a good life. It think that is every parents dream.

Around plain days either to run errands or just go somewhere casual, I like to just love to just team up a good pair of shorts and a airy tee. The Philippines is a warm country and humid as well. So I have to find her comfortable but still stylish clothes. And yes she is sporting her own finds, a gold sandal and tiger-faced backpack and nailed it like a pro. I bet if she sees Dora, she will absolutely love the “backpack” chant.

Gingersnaps tank and overlap scorts, Crystal sandals
Gingersnaps tank and overlap scorts, Coolkids backpack and Crystal Sandals

I am really taking my time and enjoy this stage of her life because someday I won’t be able to do this. I am trying to document as much as I can because good memories will always win in the long run. It will mold her and give her a good outlook in life.




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