Skin Care Routine

When I was younger, I always had between a so-so skin. I didn’t have lots of breakouts and I don’t have lots of blemishes. For this reason, I didn’t develop a good skin care routine. In my late 20s, I noticed that I had wrinkles, uneven skintone and other problems so I resorted to just washing my face with a Dove Bar and bought day and night creams. Basically I was contented with it. But after giving birth, my skin was out of control that I needed to amp up my skin care routine. 

I wash my face with Human Heart Nature’s Nourishing Facial Wash daily and 2-3 times a week I do scrub my face with Human Heart Nature’s Purifying Facial Scrub. After scrubbing my face, I usually apply Purederm’s Moisture Mask and Purederm’s Collagen Eye Zone Mask which I bought from our local drugstore.

Once I finish cleansing my face, I do use my Beauty Recipe Apple Pore Minimizing Toner. Then I treat myself with 2-3 pumps of Human Heart Nature’s newly launched Luxe Sunflower Beauty Oil. I apply to my face and neck before apply my cream moisturizers.

In the morning, I usually apply the Beauty Recipe’s DD Cream on my no makeup days and Avon’s Anew White CC cream when I want to wear make up. At night, I apply the Beauty Recipe’s Night Cream which I absolutely love. 

My skin still has blemishes though but in this past few weeks, it has improved a lot. Drinking a lot of water helps a lot too. All I really need now to do is to eat more healthy and exercise. 😊


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