Romantic Vintage Library: Mama at 70

The 17th of October was a very special event for me because it was our mom’s 70th birthday. I also took this opportunity to style here dessert table and her centerpieces.

It seems that event styling is slightly growing in me. I am no way an expert but I am now having a big appetite for it. I am offering it for family and friends. And I admit, I am really enjoying it.

We chose a romantic vintage vibe because it captures my mother’s life. She had lead a beautiful and colorful life with a big chunk of it spent of it travelling for work in university library.

Here is a photo walkthrough of her birthday:

Her simple dessert table.
A mix and match of cupcake holders with books and square planters give a vintage unkempt vibe. The asters also makes it feel vintage.
When a cake is beautifully made, it stands out despite all the other elements.
The world is revolutionized by beautiful, dainty things
Romanticism comes from deep connection with your creativity
Grandeur of center pieces is not only when you put too many elements, it is how you combine to make a coherent theme.
My sisters labor of love, a small token for our mom’s friends.
She deserves this night and all the rest of the world’s happiness.
My daughter is her best buddy right now.

Cakes: Zozo’s Cakes and Pastries, Venue and Food: Gazpacho’s Restobar, Entertainment: Timeless Acoustic, Dance Instructor: Allan


Skin Care Routine

When I was younger, I always had between a so-so skin. I didn’t have lots of breakouts and I don’t have lots of blemishes. For this reason, I didn’t develop a good skin care routine. In my late 20s, I noticed that I had wrinkles, uneven skintone and other problems so I resorted to just washing my face with a Dove Bar and bought day and night creams. Basically I was contented with it. But after giving birth, my skin was out of control that I needed to amp up my skin care routine. 

I wash my face with Human Heart Nature’s Nourishing Facial Wash daily and 2-3 times a week I do scrub my face with Human Heart Nature’s Purifying Facial Scrub. After scrubbing my face, I usually apply Purederm’s Moisture Mask and Purederm’s Collagen Eye Zone Mask which I bought from our local drugstore.

Once I finish cleansing my face, I do use my Beauty Recipe Apple Pore Minimizing Toner. Then I treat myself with 2-3 pumps of Human Heart Nature’s newly launched Luxe Sunflower Beauty Oil. I apply to my face and neck before apply my cream moisturizers.

In the morning, I usually apply the Beauty Recipe’s DD Cream on my no makeup days and Avon’s Anew White CC cream when I want to wear make up. At night, I apply the Beauty Recipe’s Night Cream which I absolutely love. 

My skin still has blemishes though but in this past few weeks, it has improved a lot. Drinking a lot of water helps a lot too. All I really need now to do is to eat more healthy and exercise. 😊

Dating My Little Human: Burp Diner Edition

Because her father is not around for a seminar, I decided to take her around the city for some errands. And because it was almost lunch when we finished one of the tasks, I decided to take her to a newly opened diner, Burp Diner. It is located at the back the St. Michael’s Cathedral of Iligan City.

It has a mixed fairytale-like feel on the other side while it looks contemporary industrial on the other side. It would be lovely to have a coherent theme. And since the place is quite small, it will be much spacious if some sort of bar table is installed and attached to the wall with high chairs to save space.

The service was okay. It is important that the waiters are courteous and accommodating. Maybe because they just started, they scrambled around especially when a lot of customers came in. At the time that we came, the menu was still written in a chalk board. It would have been nice if they have a physical menu.

We ordered Tuna Carbonara Pasta, Yema Cake and a pink lemonade with it. The pasta was too sweet and creamy for me. Marley liked it though. I would appreciate if it had some herby taste, something that will make it fresh and a splash of lemon would be nice. The cake was too sweet that I felt nauseous after eating one slice and Marley can’t even take it. She had her pink lemonade for dessert instead. I will prefer if they have fresh juices, shakes and tea to offer

We may return after a month or two and we will see if there will be improvements but we enjoyed. The sugar made Marley too hyperactive though. 

The Beauty Recipe Review

Because I haven’t found a beauty regimen that is suitable for me, I am in a constant search for beauty products. While browsing my facebook, I stumbled upon the sponsored post of the Beauty Recipe Philippines. So I ordered their toner, day and night moisturizer. 

It has been weeks since I have used it and here are my reviews on each.

General Review

It was taken by courier to my home. It came with a box and a rafia ribbon with a gratitude note. The toner was packed with a bubble wrap which I appreciate but the product had some spill.Each moisturizer had a separate box. The prints were adorable. I appreciate the details. 

But the one I noticed is that it is bulky. When you need to bring it for traveling or an overnight, it consumes lots of space. It is also not flexible because you have to organize it properly in your regimen bag so that it won’t spill or cause a mess after opening.


From their facebook post

Photo from Beauty Recipe Philippines

Beauty Recipe’s Apple Pore Minimizer removes the deep seated dirt trapped inside pores. Let’s face it, your facial wash or face soap can only do so much. And when you don’t use a toner before going to bed,  you’ll be spending the next 4 days with a bump on your face. 

When used regularly, it can minimize pores and balance the skin’s PH level. If in case you snoozed through PH day in chemistry class, the ideal PH level is 5.5. If the skin’s PH level is far from 5.5, it will be dry or oily. This toner however, helps in making the skin’s PH  as near to 5.5 as possible. YES! Balancing your skin’s PH is easier than balancing your life! 

It also contains apple extract that is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both important properties in keeping the skin youtful and energized. Retail Price is P330 for a 250 ML bottle.

My Review

I love this product. Among the three I bought, this one is my favorite.

  • It can really clean your face even after washing.
  • It smells good.
  • It has some cooling effect when you apply it to your skin.
  • It doesn’t dry out your skin like other toners.
  • It was successful in minimizing my pores.

The drawback includes the packaging and the stinging that it leaves on certain areas of your face. The bottle is actually aesthetically pleasing but it is not handy and the bottle cap is prone for spillage.


From their facebook post

Photo from The Beauty Recipe

Our revolutionary DD cream contains tomato extract and sunscreen – crucial ingredients needed to bring out your skin’s natural pinkish glow, hide blemishes and other imperfections while protecting your skin from intense sun damage. Its dewy finish makes it suitable for dry skin. DD cream blends well with any skin tone and can be used as an excellent make up base. 15 grams. Price: P340

My Review

This a very moisturizing product with a dewy finish. Dewy doesn’t sit well with my skin though because I am naturally oily.

  • It makes my skin very shiny even after I powdered. 
  • It doesn’t have a good coverage, is not buildable and when I wear for the day, it makes my skin blotchy.
  • It gives me breakout. 
  • The color is in the pinky tone and it is not flexible for other skin tones.
  • The packaging is nice but I would prefer a pump type because it is more hygenic and handy to bring. 


      from their facebook post

      Photo from the Beauty Recipe

      OUR BESTSELLER!!! Beauty Recipe’s Whitening Night Cream Moisturizer hydrates and whitens skin while you sleep. It also tightens pores and nourishes dull and tired skin. Contains MELAWHITE, a safe and effective ingredient that moisturizes and lightens skin naturally. It visibly lessens fine lines and wrinkles and whitens skin through regular use.Smooth on face and neck after cleansing. Apply every night.30 grams. Retail Php 330

      My Review

      At night, no matter how oily I get through the day, my skin tend to dry out. This product might just the solution for me.

      • This is hydrating and moisturizing.
      • A small amount goes a long way.
      • It doesn’t give me breakouts. 
      • It doesn’t have a greasy feel.
      • My pores has considerable minimized.
      • I haven’t noticed much if my skin has already whitened though.

      The one drawback is again the packaging. It is really hygenic if they use the pump. 


      I really liked 2 out the 3 products that I have used. The DD cream just wasn’t for me. 

      For more details about their products, go to

      My Thoughts on Bullet Journaling

      I was so happy when I stumbled upon bullet journaling a few days ago. For me using a premade planner is a little bit boring because you are stuck with what you have. But with the bullet journal, there are endless possibilities.


      Although I enjoyed doing bullet journal, like any other, it has its pros and cons.


      – It is crude and simple. Literally all you need is a pen and a notebook and then plan your task for the day or a week, finish it or migrate if you are unable to do so. Know more about the foundamentals of bullet journal, here.

      – If you are creative and wants uninhibited form of planning, then this is for you. As I have said it has endless possibilities. Pinterest and instagram have boasted some of the most beautiful bujo spreads. People make different creative stuff and its redefining the world of planning.

      *(Bujo is short for bullet journal)

      – Making a bujo was really relaxing for me. It takes my mind off to the constant rumblings of the world. Its free-range form makes it therapeutic.

      – It improves your handwriting skills. Because it is crude, meaning you have to make everything yourself, I, personally, make an effort to make everything understandable, readable and clean.

      – It improves planning and organizational skills. Although the fundamentals of a bujo is very simple, but making it your own is strategic. You have to think as a maker and not a just a planner.

      – You can control everything and you can make spreads that suit your life, personality and needs.


      – It is time consuming because you have to make everything from scratch.

      – It can be a two-way street for the perfectionist. While perfectionist spreads beautifully graces the pages of pinterest and instagram, a little smear can cause stress to these kinds of people. I have a friend who repeats everything from the beginning if she sees something wrong with her work.

      – The idea of the planner is to make everything easier but with people posting super beautiful spreads in social media, some people gets insecure in starting one especially those doesn’t have good handwriting and doesn’t know how to doodle.

      – Social media also sets an expensive trend, from the notebook to the pens they use.

      Easy is the key to planning. Use the planner that is convenient for you. Don’t worry about the trends that is popping all over the internet. What is important is that you get the task done because you have planned.

      Weekend Gathering

      One weekend my sister, Kate decided to come home unannounced. She drove 10 hours straight and lively gave her pasalubongs (gifts) for everyone.


      She made sure she had the best time with her short vacation. She marked it with good conversation, laughs and experienced Iligan’s gastronomic feats.






      The world today demands so much but happiness will come iregardless of shortness of time. And your family will almost always give you the best laugh life can give. So spend with your loved ones.


      Clothing Haul for my Toddler

      About a week ago, we went to Cagayan de Oro City (CDO). As compared to our home city, CDO is highly urbanized which means they have more shops for babies and toddlers. I have look at Gingersnaps on that faithful day and I instantly loved their style. I don’t usually shop in a physical store because most of my daughters clothes were bought online, given and hand-me-downs.

      Gingersnaps is a homegrown kids and maternity clothing company based in Manila. And I am so happy that I went to look at their dainty shop. I found a mommy haven. (This is not a sponsored post).

      I admit I went a little bit excited and got more than I should have but everything was so cute. If I am not careful, I am going to be a spoiler. Here are some of the outfits I picked and paired. (Forgive the nonprofessional photos and the condition of the clothes. She played with it and dumped it somewhere. Toddlers!)





      Tips for moms for clothes shopping,
      especially the new mommies:

      – kids grow too fast, you need to get them something that they won’t easily outgrow. And don’t overdo the buying they will probably their wear clothes less than 5 times.
      – when you do buy some clothes, buy them at the end of the season rather than on the season because it will usually be a supersale.

      Have fun dressing your kids 🙂