Dating My Little Human: Burp Diner Edition

Because her father is not around for a seminar, I decided to take her around the city for some errands. And because it was almost lunch when we finished one of the tasks, I decided to take her to a newly opened diner, Burp Diner. It is located at the back the St. Michael’s Cathedral of Iligan City.

It has a mixed fairytale-like feel on the other side while it looks contemporary industrial on the other side. It would be lovely to have a coherent theme. And since the place is quite small, it will be much spacious if some sort of bar table is installed and attached to the wall with high chairs to save space.

The service was okay. It is important that the waiters are courteous and accommodating. Maybe because they just started, they scrambled around especially when a lot of customers came in. At the time that we came, the menu was still written in a chalk board. It would have been nice if they have a physical menu.

We ordered Tuna Carbonara Pasta, Yema Cake and a pink lemonade with it. The pasta was too sweet and creamy for me. Marley liked it though. I would appreciate if it had some herby taste, something that will make it fresh and a splash of lemon would be nice. The cake was too sweet that I felt nauseous after eating one slice and Marley can’t even take it. She had her pink lemonade for dessert instead. I will prefer if they have fresh juices, shakes and tea to offer

We may return after a month or two and we will see if there will be improvements but we enjoyed. The sugar made Marley too hyperactive though.