Dressing Up My Doll

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Clothing Haul for my Toddler

About a week ago, we went to Cagayan de Oro City (CDO). As compared to our home city, CDO is highly urbanized which means they have more shops for babies and toddlers. I have look at Gingersnaps on that faithful day and I instantly loved their style. I don’t usually shop in a physical store because most of my daughters clothes were bought online, given and hand-me-downs.

Gingersnaps is a homegrown kids and maternity clothing company based in Manila. And I am so happy that I went to look at their dainty shop. I found a mommy haven. (This is not a sponsored post).

I admit I went a little bit excited and got more than I should have but everything was so cute. If I am not careful, I am going to be a spoiler. Here are some of the outfits I picked and paired. (Forgive the nonprofessional photos and the condition of the clothes. She played with it and dumped it somewhere. Toddlers!)





Tips for moms for clothes shopping,
especially the new mommies:

– kids grow too fast, you need to get them something that they won’t easily outgrow. And don’t overdo the buying they will probably their wear clothes less than 5 times.
– when you do buy some clothes, buy them at the end of the season rather than on the season because it will usually be a supersale.

Have fun dressing your kids 🙂